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1.Sirindhorn Wararam Phu-Prao, Ubon Ratchathani

Fabulous Temple with Great View , recommend to go at evening times, when the light on the temple is on. It’s different than other temples. The temple has a view point so you can see khong river Thai -Loas.




2.Phu Kon Forest Temple, Udorn Ratchathani
This temple circumscribes nearly 400 acres of lush forest, and as a result, is a tranquil locale for Buddhist meditation practice. Located next to the temple is a stupa (also known as a pagoda) named Prathom Rattana Mahaburaphachan Chedi, where holy Buddhist relics are believed to be enshrined. The stupa was built in the Lanka style, is 25 meters high and is decorated with golden mosaics.




3.Heart Miracle Island, Sukhothai

The Great dam of Sukhothai Province form The concept of His Majesty the King. To solve the flood’s called “Monkey Cheek Project”




4.Doi Muang, Mae Hong Son

Nice north thailand mountain with a great view, great weather. recommend to go on winter season.




5.Prajomklao Rachanusorn Temple, Lampang

Prajomklao Rachanusorn Famous Thai Temple on high mountain at Lampang, Great view, nice place if you come to thailand don’t miss to visit.




6.Plumeria Tunnel at Nan Museum, Nan

Plumeria Tunnel in front of Nan National Museum is another nearby tourist destination.The smiles on tourists’ faces when they come to make poses for photography also simply makes us happy.




7.Road of Yellow Trumpet Tree, Suphanburi

Yellow trumpet trees on Highway 3502, Suphan Buri province.Beautiful flowers never fail to fascinate. Besides the country’s landscaped gardens, there are many scenic routes and places in Thailand where you can visit to admire floral beauty. Quite often, the flowers in the wilderness or along the roads, look much livelier and impressive than those in neatly trimmed gardens.




8.Heaven Sanctuary at Ban-rai Temple, Nakhon Ratchasima

One of the most famous temples in Nakhon Ratchasima, Ban Rai temple is recognized as the residence of the notable monk Luang Pho Khun Parisutto. Located in Tambon KutPhiman approximately 60 kilometers away from the city, tons of people from all over the country come to pay a respect for Luang Pho Khun daily.




9.Maiton Island, Phuket

Maiton Island or Timber Island as the local Thai population call it (due to the heavily forested landscape) is a tranquil little island located approximately 9 kilometres off the southeast coast of Phuket in southern Thailand. Situated between Phuket and Phi Phi Island, this small slice of heaven on earth is overlooked by most tourists and tour operators visiting Phuket (and surrounding regions) because of the limited infrastructure which exists on the island.




10.Chom Dao Island, Ubon Ratchathani

Haad Chom Dao or Chom Dao Island is located in Na Taan district. The uniqueness of Haad Chom Dao lies in the magnificent scenery of the Mekong River.

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